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Finding pleasure in life can be hard sometimes, but there is one thing that will always bring pleasure to you and that is food. However, in order for food to bring you pleasure it has to be quality food that is prepared with a lot of love. You should always seek for finding new types of food that you like. Eating the same food for a long time will make you lose the pleasure. Therefore, you have to try out new things as often you can. Also, you can find pleasure in making the food not just in eating it.

the Australia Chef

We always get asked questions about our chef because people are extremely satisfied with his job. Everyone that has tried one of his beef jerky specialties was left stunned by the taste of the dish. That’s why we have decided to say a few words about him and his work. His name is Mark and he is coming from a small town in Australia that is best known for its unique Beef Jerky. So there is no surprise that he specializes in meals made on the grill. His signature beef jerky recipes have won awards in Australia and he is now bringing those skills to the restaurant. He has more than 20 years of professional experience and before that, he was working in a kitchen for more than 5 years while he was trained by one of the greatest chefs. He has a lot of other awards that he won over these 25 years and he is very proud of them. Now his job is to create unique meals and also teach the new generation of chefs how to prepare food like him.


quality comes first

Finding a restaurant that you like should be a priority if you like food and you want to enjoy your meals. The perfect restaurant should have a variety of food and more importantly, it must taste good. A perfect restaurant like that is called “Aqua”. Our “Aqua” restaurant has a lot of different dishes from which you can choose from. However, we are focusing more on some red meat that is prepared on the grill.We are best known for our dishes that are prepared on BBQ. Therefore, if you are a fan of red meat that is prepared on the grill, you will not find a better place than us. You will not be disappointed with the quality of the food because our chefs have a lot of experience preparing these types of dishes. Of course, you can find various things on our menu, but to new customers that are visiting us for the first time we always recommend the beef jerky.


the beef jerky


The ultimate taste of beef.

beef Steak


The best steak you ever tries, wiht salad and potato.



Beef ribs with onion.


people love our food
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“I must say that I was pleasantly surprised with the quality of the food and also with the entire experience that I got in the restaurant “Aqua”. From the moment I walked in, I was treated like a king, they really made me feel special and important.” . 

Adam Brown

“One of the greatest food experiences in my life was here in the “Aqua” restaurant! Everything was great, from the waiters all the way to the service of the food. I was surprised how friendly everyone was and how helpful the waitresses were. I will definitely recommend this restaurant to all my friends.”

Alexis Miller