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Best beef jerky brands in Australia and where to buy

Are you in Australia and cannot get enough beef jerky? Wondering from where can you buy the best beef jerky from? You’ve come to the right page. This popular snack is predominantly on everyone’s shopping list. So if you are heading out, there is a big chance that you are going to come across a place selling this nutritious and tasty snack.

Beef Jerky is a very popular snack in Australia

Beef Jerky is a universally popular snack made out of beef meat. But the level of fandom that you will see here in Australia is hard to find anywhere else; it is mind-blowing. Beef jerky gets sliced into bite-sized pieces that are seasoned. The marinated beef is then slowly dried in a dehumidifier till it loses all its moisture. Once the processing is done, it gets packed and sold. The absence of moisture in the packaged meat means that its shelf life is considerably increased.

It has earned the title of best snack in the world

If you are watching your weight, or planning to start a fad diet; beef jerky is the thing for you. It is less processed meat but excessively tasty and, of course, safe to consume.

It is rich in protein, and that is why if you are into keto or the paleo diet, you must absolutely surely go for this snack. You could combine it with a cold protein drink, and you are ready for a good day on the gym floor. Are your muscles overworked out? No problem. Beef jerky has enough proteins for muscle recovery after a particularly hard day at the gym.

Besides, it is so easy to carry it everywhere without worrying about spilling or spoiling. You can keep it fresh for up to 3 days of opening the packaging.

Where to buy beef jerky in Australia

You are lucky because beef jerky is a national favorite here in Australia. You can expect to find them in

  • Pubs
  • Breweries and baristas
  • Supermarkets,
  • Liquor stores
  • Convenience stores and
  • Petrol/gas stations.
  • You can hope to find them in the snack aisle in all good stores
  • And if you don’t like going out for it, you could even shop online and get it delivered to your doorstep! Supermarkets like Costco, Aldi, and Woolworth’s stock various racks of beef jerky classified by their flavors.

Popular beef jerky brands include; 

It is an anytime snack option

You could pick up a beef jerky at any time of the day without feeling the guilt pangs. With 58 grams of protein per 100 grams of meat, it has three times more protein than fish and chicken. It is excellent to consume before, during, and after intensive exercise, and you can take it with you when you go out to

  • Fishing
  • Camping
  • Hiking
  • Climbing
  • Hunting
  • Training

Beef jerky is the perfect snack when you are weak and bored and tired and want to eat something just to while away your time. Say bye to chips and cola, say hi to nutritious beef jerky.

Lean beef used to make jerky is very healthy if you take it in the correct quantity. The meat is ethically harvested and processed. It is only dried with heat in a dehumidifier until all the moisture in it dries up. There are scores of flavors available, and you must specifically read the labels in case you have a particular type of allergy to sugars, salt, and soy.

The calories in the beef jerky depend mainly on the seasoning and the marinade used. The size of the jerky also is essential when you are counting the calories.

A package of beef jerky weighing about 100 grams will contain about 380 to 400 calories. This has about 35 grams of proteins, 4 grams of carbohydrates, and about 6 grams of fat. The value may differ based on the seasoning and flavor. Some companies have beef jerky with 0 carbs too.

Beef jerky bought anywhere in Australia is 100% safe to eat

  • Beef jerky is not raw meat; it is dehydrated.
  • All the water from it is dried to extend its shelf life.
  • Completely dry beef jerky will not allow harmful bacteria to grow on it unless it gets oxidized in the air. That is why you must safely transfer all the contents into an airtight box or place it in the fridge after opening the package.
  • Beef jerky has a long shelf life of 12 months if you store it in a cool and dry place.
  • Gluten is a form of protein, and beef jerky does not have it naturally.
  • Check for color, flavor, and aroma, and texture difference if you suspect the jerky has spoilt.
  • It is good to consume the jerky by the ‘best before date’ that is mandatorily printed on the packaging.

Final word

Once you taste beef jerky, there is no way you are going back to anything else. We are saying this from experience. It is a great snack for everyone, including children. It is healthier than all the quick-fix snacks that are laden with unnecessary sugars and salt. It is available in every nook and corner to top it all, and you can even order it online for hassle-free shopping.


The Benefits of Eating Beef

The Benefits of Eating Beef

Nowadays, more and more people are trying to quit eating beef and other meat products because they think that it is bad for their health. However, they are completely wrong, there are far more pros than cons of eating beef. The problem is that people don’t know what those benefits are because nobody talks about them. People only talk about the bad things that beef can cause because those people are usually vegans that don’t really know what they are talking about and they only want to increase their vegan community by telling people lies about benefits of beef. To open your eyes, we will now educate you about some of the health benefits of eating red meat like beef.

Full of Protein

One of the main reasons why you should never stop eating red meat is because it contains certain proteins that you can’t find anywhere else. Those proteins are very important for your organism and sometimes, you can have some serious health problems if you stop consuming it. One regular serving of red meat contains about half of the protein that is needed for an adult. The type of protein that is found in red meat is different from other sources of protein because it contains some special amino acids that are key to muscle building and body growth. Also, these proteins are very good for repairing injured tissue which means if you eat beef regularly, you will recover faster from injuries.

Vitamins and Zinc

Two things that your body cannot function without are vitamins and zinc. Both of those things can be found in red meat such as beef. Of course, you can find vitamins in other foods but not the same type as in red meat. Zinc is important to build muscles and strengthen your immune system. Also, zinc is important to keep your brain healthy.

As for the vitamins, there is a lot of B vitamins found in red meat. More specifically, red meat contains B-12 and B-6 vitamins that will keep your immune and nervous system healthy. Also, red meat vitamins will help you with digestion of food.

Dinner Experience at “Aqua” the Best Restaurant

Dinner Experience at “Aqua” the Best Restaurant

One of the best dining experiences that you can have is at our restaurant “Aqua” and that is not coming just from us but from all of our customers that have tried our dinner. Finding a good place to have proper dinner is not easy because in most places something is not the way you thought it was. However, that is not the case with us because we offer one of the best dining experiences that you can find. The thing that is making our dining experience so special is the unique side of it. We always want to find new ways to serve special dishes that you have never tasted or experienced before.

Unique Dinner

If we had to describe our dinner in one word, then we would definitely say that it is unique. As mentioned above, we thrive to make new things that are special and tasty the same time. Having the same menu as all the other restaurants will not be beneficial to us because people want diversity and new things. That’s why our main chef is always thinking of new things that will be placed on the dinner menu.

However, one thing will always be on top of our dinner menu and that is our specialty beef jerky. We are very proud of that because every customer that tried it out has praised us and gave us a good review. We have some people coming from different countries just to try out our specialty. Of course, other than just meat specialties, we have some salads that are very tasty too. One of the things that you have to try out when you visit us is our side salad that you get when you order a meal from the BBQ.

With BBQ meat, you also have to drink something that is usually a soft drink or even water. We usually recommend trying some quality wine with the BBQ or if you are not a fan of wines, then the second best thing that will not ruin the taste of the meat is probably sparkling water. Either way, whatever you choose, satisfaction is guaranteed.




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