One of the best dining experiences that you can have is at our restaurant “Aqua” and that is not coming just from us but from all of our customers that have tried our dinner. Finding a good place to have proper dinner is not easy because in most places something is not the way you thought it was. However, that is not the case with us because we offer one of the best dining experiences that you can find. The thing that is making our dining experience so special is the unique side of it. We always want to find new ways to serve special dishes that you have never tasted or experienced before.

Unique Dinner

If we had to describe our dinner in one word, then we would definitely say that it is unique. As mentioned above, we thrive to make new things that are special and tasty the same time. Having the same menu as all the other restaurants will not be beneficial to us because people want diversity and new things. That’s why our main chef is always thinking of new things that will be placed on the dinner menu.

However, one thing will always be on top of our dinner menu and that is our specialty beef jerky. We are very proud of that because every customer that tried it out has praised us and gave us a good review. We have some people coming from different countries just to try out our specialty. Of course, other than just meat specialties, we have some salads that are very tasty too. One of the things that you have to try out when you visit us is our side salad that you get when you order a meal from the BBQ.

With BBQ meat, you also have to drink something that is usually a soft drink or even water. We usually recommend trying some quality wine with the BBQ or if you are not a fan of wines, then the second best thing that will not ruin the taste of the meat is probably sparkling water. Either way, whatever you choose, satisfaction is guaranteed.