If you are looking for a quality lunch experience then there is no better place that the “Aqua” restaurant. Our lunch menu is specially designed by our start chef Mark who has over 20 years of professional experience. We never had any complaints about the lunch menu, everyone was satisfied with the variety of food that is available for lunch.

Lunch is probably the most important meal of the day. You should never skip lunch because you will not have enough energy to get through the day. Lunch should be the meal that will energize your body for the rest of the day or at least until it is dinner time. In our restaurant you can choose from variety of foods for lunch, but we strongly recommend trying out the Beef BBQ because that is the speciality of our chef.

Impressions of Customers

Our main goal is always to please our customers with the food that we are serving to them. We never had any complains about the food quality because the people that are working in the kitchen are completely focused on preparing every dish perfectly and serving the food while it is fresh. Food like Beef BBQ and other red meat meals are best when served fresh right off the grill, we never wait with food because it might ruin the taste. That’s why we always prepare the freshest meat and try to serve it to our customers as soon as we can, usually right of the grill.


As mentioned, we have never had any complaints from our customers, and we want it to stay that way. Giving a good service to our customers is a priority because that will make us look good in their eyes and hopefully they will come back. In order to have a quality service, we also have to take care of the serving and the hygiene. Those two things we take very seriously, especially the hygiene in our restaurant because there is nothing worse than eating at a dirty place. We have been getting a lot of praise from our customers about the overall hygiene and we are very happy about it.